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Our Team


Organizational Growth and
Fundraising Specialists


Creating a clear fundraising and communications strategy will help your organization align revenue goals with a detailed plan so you can continue to provide exceptional service to communities and individuals in need.


Markku Kostamo

CEO & Lead Strategist

Markku has served as an executive in the non-profit sector for over 20 years and is passionate about seeing organizations grow and develop in executing their mission and impact. To enable this, Markku is a Metronomics CEO & Leadership Team Coach and a 6 Levers Consultant and takes an entrepreneurial and relational approach to revenue generation and partnerships. Markku has raised over $30 million by working with 20 organizations. Markku is passionate about helping CEOs and Leadership Teams develop and implement an organization's strategy and operating system.


Nadia VanderKuip

Chief Growth Officer

Nadia has spent 25 years in non-profit work, from founding an inner-city youth ministry to running a global fellowship program that trained and equipped emerging leaders to launch non-profit organizations around the world. Nadia’s passion is to introduce change and tension into a system to encourage growth and development in people and organizations. She sees the world in patterns, potential, relationships and connections and loves to work collaboratively to help others find their sweet spot so that they can thrive.


Shauna Kostamo

Lead Grant Writer

Shauna's background is in ESL teaching and tutoring, where she enjoys working with people from other cultures and languages. More recently, she has added editing and writing at an academic level to her work experience. She thrives on making the English language interesting and is passionate about correct grammar and thoughtful articulation.


Gustavo Santos

Project Strategist

Gustavo brings over a decade of experience in strategy and operations, having worked in both corporate and nonprofit settings. As management consultant, he has successfully led projects across diverse industries and company sizes. Currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, his research focuses on the relationship between labor precarity and its implications for the field of theology. With a big-picture mindset, Gustavo excels in navigating complexity to deliver simple and actionable solutions.


Misti Hurst

PR and Communications Specialist

Misti has been a journalist, writer and editor for over 18 years. She has in-depth experience creating and executing PR campaigns, maintaining a strong rapport with industry media outlets, and tracking current media trends. Energetic, positive, and outgoing, she can creatively source, write, edit, pitch and share stories through various media platforms.


Moira Guidon

Executive Assistant

Moira has eight years of leadership, administrative and communications experience and seeks out any opportunity to work closely with nonprofit organizations and small businesses. While she creatively manages the marketing and social media sides of Kaci, Moira also keeps her finger on the pulse of the various projects that are on the go and communicates with the team accordingly.


Carien van Zyl

Administration Specialist

Carien is a consultant who specializes in general HR assistance and recruitment. Carien is a positive and energetic worker. This energy has revealed itself throughout her career in her upbeat attitude and ability to keep busy. She has a strong desire to help others, which has led to her past success and awakened her desire to get involved in nonprofit organizations.

Matthew (1)

Matthew Kostamo


Matthew has eight years of filmmaking experience, mostly from shooting alone and deep in the mountains. His experience includes creating business ads, editing videos for non-profit organizations, and making personal adventure films. Whether behind the camera or the computer, he is dedicated to working on the project until everyone is satisfied.


Joy Pagarigan

Junior Grant Writer

Joy has a background in linguistics and ESL teaching. With a lifelong passion for language, Joy has a keen interest in the seemingly mundane aspects of language such as grammar and syntax. She brings this passion for languages and effective communication to the grant writing team as a junior grant writer.

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Megan Delport

Junior Writer

With a background in English literature, Megan brings her passion for clear and effective communication to her work. Her creative spirit allows her to turn thoughts and ideas into well-crafted content. She is eager to learn and find her niche within the team and will assist with various projects in copywriting, content creation and grant writing.

Jennifer McAllister Vineyard 2020

Jen McAllister

Event Specialist

Celebration and hospitality are at the core of Jen’s vision for life, and she brings that vision to all of her projects. She has successfully run silent auctions, artisan markets, concerts, and other events for nonprofits, local businesses, and religious groups. Over the years, she has cultivated excellent working relationships with musicians, photographers, artists, caterers, and many others in the fields of hospitality and entertainment.

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