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Kaci Study: Thrive on Kilimanjaro Campaign

Kaci Study: Thrive on Kilimanjaro Campaign

The onset of COVID-19 presented some extreme challenges for the fundraising efforts of nonprofits and charities. To address these issues, Markku Kostamo founded Kaci—a professional consulting team of growth and revenue specialists—in June 2020.

With an organizational focus on holistic fundraising strategy and maximizing grant and donor opportunities, Kaci entered an ongoing partnership with Thrive in November 2020. Thrive had planned to engage with Kaci in January 2021. However, Kaci encouraged the small charity to begin two months sooner to not miss potential opportunities available in the prime giving season.

Thrive for Good is a charity that empowers people with the training and simple tools they need to grow an abundance of healthy, organic, disease-fighting foods for life. Their mission is to empower 1 million people in the developing world to lead healthy and sustainable lives and to assist in alleviating extreme poverty and food insecurity globally. 

Kaci worked closely alongside the Thrive leadership team and developed a 360º fundraising, marketing, and communications strategy to increase Thrive’s annual revenue to $710,000, a 42% year-over-year improvement. 

Anchored around Kaci’s creation of a yearlong marketing communications calendar, Kaci assisted Thrive in executing three primary fundraising avenues in parallel: a major donor campaign, securing corporate sponsorships, and a Fundrazr peer-to-peer giving campaign.

These three primary fundraising avenues were all consolidated into a singular ambitious crowdfunding campaign to raise $500,000 - Thrive on Kilimanjaro, which would culminate in a September 2021 ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro by Thrive co-founders, volunteers, and staff. Peer-to-peer pledgers and supporters tracked their vertical ascents virtually alongside the main climb and were kept informed on progress via email and social media communications. 

The result was an exceptionally well received and successful integrated fundraising campaign that not only boosted Thrive’s overall revenue but its donor base, supporters, and global brand awareness as well. 

Total Donations: 


Major Donor Campaign:
$179,800 in pledge-matching contributions.


Sponsorship Campaign:

$34,500 in Corporate Sponsorships + Gifts in Kind used for prizes and incentives

  • Vita
  • St Francis Herb Farm
  • Brightmark
  • Optimyz
  • Nelson/Kraft and Associates 

Peer-To Peer Giving and Supporter Participation:

  • 251  individual donors 
  • Total Virtual Elevation Collectively: 858,460 ft
  • Total Times Virtually up and down Mt. Kilimanjaro Collectively: 22 times up and down.

 Prizes and Gifts in Kind Presented to Winning Supporters:

  • An all-expense trip to Kenya! ($3,500 value x 1)
  • A one week stay at a Penthouse at Walnut Beach Resort in Osoyoos BC! ($3,500 value x 2)
  • A one-year supply of Natural Calm! ($300 value x 6)
  • Vita Garden ($250 value x 2)
  • Just Tea Trio Packages (x 20)


“Kaci has been an astounding addition to our fast-paced, rapidly growing organization. They immediately identified areas of need as it pertains to fundraising in our organization and began executing strategies to ‘scale up’ in many ways. Each specialized team member is easy to work with, adaptable, and passionate about the cause of our organization. I have already recommended them to numerous organizations and will continue to do so. Kaci is progressive, forward-looking, industry expert, knowledgeable, and willing to think out of the box to customize and execute strategies best for your organization.” 


James Woller, Executive Director- Thrive for Good.

*As of 2021, Kaci has facilitated $4 million in revenue growth for our clients - a 40% average increase in donations.

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