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Let us do the hard work of carrying your heaviest loads 


Increase your fundraising. Grow a healthy organization.

Double your impact.


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You have reached your fundraising or organizational capacity.


Your current team is maxed out and needs help raising funds and growing your organization. Increasing revenue and growing a healthy organization would require adding senior executive leadership. 

Let us help you carry the load. We're experts in relational fundraising and growing healthy organizations. We help organizations like yours make a bigger impact. We come alongside you and join your team at a fraction of the cost of a senior-level executive leadership position. 

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Integrated Relational Fundraising ™


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Growing your Fundraising


It's simple - let us run your fundraising program.

That's right - eliminate the stress and overwhelm of trying to "do it all," and let us plan and lead your fundraising program.
We will create a path for your annual fundraising strategy and goals, expand your donor base, apply our customized relational fundraising system, streamline your fundraising processes, and launch new fundraising initiatives.
We'll help you navigate your fundraising goals with ease and confidence.

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Growing your Organization


Healthy growth can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Let us help you create a path toward multiplying your missional impact goals while considering your organization's unique challenges and opportunities. We help develop your organizational operating system,  create a strategy, clarify your identity, and prioritize your goals.  We come alongside to help you grow your organization with ease and confidence. 

You will gain clarity, team alignment, and systems that hum to increase your impact.  
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The Kaci Way


We work collaboratively with you to discover your potential and growth areas.


We start your organizational growth by charting a fundraising plan and organizational growth strategy. 


We work on a 12-month commitment to ensure stability and security in your growth and impact so you can focus on your mission. 


You focus on the work you love and watch your fundraising and organizational effectiveness grow.

Organizations we've partnered with

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Kaci helped us lead a large fundraising campaign, but perhaps ever more important is how they influenced the way we think, which inevitably also impacts our long-term strategies. We have expanded our horizons and think about tomorrow, rather than only reacting to the needs of today. Kaci taught us to think bigger and their footprint remains on the trajectory of our organizational development!
Blair Quinuis
CEO, UrbanPromise Latin America

Our Senior Leadership


Markku Kostamo

CEO/Lead Strategist

Bringing 25 years of leadership experience to help you grow and increase your fundraising revenue.


Nadia VanderKuip

Chief Growth Officer

Passionate about supporting you to implement organizational change for growth.

Meet Our Team

Kaci Credentials

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What to Expect

7-3Risk-Free & Results Oriented

Hiring in-house comes with many risks and little reward. Imagine achieving better fundraising results and healthy organizational growth without hiring staff, providing office space, or managing their day-to-day activities.

We provide experienced senior-level leadership that delivers results-oriented fundraising and healthy organizational growth without the additional overhead and risk. 



We respect the work you have put into building your philanthropic and organizational relationships, and they will always stay with your organization.
We work to ensure the highest standards of transparency, confidentiality, and privacy. When we act on your behalf, we are representing you.

4-2Consistency & Your ROI

When is the right time to bring us onto your team? That depends on your goals for your organization. We guarantee you will maximize your investment and realize 100% ROI. 

Fundraising and healthy organizational growth take time and consistency. Our clients have seen upwards of 300% ROI in the first 12 months of working with us and 600% in the second year.

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We manage your fundraising program and help you grow a healthy organization.

You focus on your mission and impact. 

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The Kaci Story


Origin: Gaelic. Meaning: “alert, watchful.” We come alongside you and join your team to guide you on your journey.