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Kaci (k•ay•s•ee)

Origin: Gaelic. Meaning: “alert, watchful.”

Kaci is a professional team of growth and revenue specialists.
We join your team with a focus on fundraising strategy and generating revenue for your inspirational movement. We pay attention. We think outside the box, helping you build your organization with confidence. 

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Our vision is to create growth opportunities, inspire people and charity, and connect communities and resources.


Organizations we've partnered with

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How can we help you?

Creating a clear fundraising and communications strategy will help your organization align revenue goals with a detailed plan so you can continue to provide exceptional service to communities and individuals in need.

Strategy creates a framework for success by outlining a measurable step-by-step plan via two major processes, formulation and implementation.

The foundation for working relationally with organizations depends on strategy and is at the heart of what Kaci does via:

- CEO and Leadership Training
- Major Donor Strategy
- Annual Fundraising Planning

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Fundraising has traditionally consisted of face-to-face interactions like door-knocking or cold calling. However, new forms have emerged, like online fundraising, peer-to-peer or crowdfunding campaigns, or in-person, hybrid and virtual events. 

Fundraising consists of two main dimensions, donor acquisition or the acquiring of new donors and donor retention, the retaining of existing donors.

Kaci has considerable experience with all types of fundraising and bases fundraising strategy on our trademarked process of Integrated Relational Fundraising, where creating and maintaining relationships between donor and nonprofit are at the forefront.  Kaci can assist organizations with creating and executing:

- Annual and Capital Campaigns
- Grant Writing
- Annual Fundraising
- Virtual, Hybrid or Peer-to-Peer Events

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Digital marketing experts at Kaci are responsible for creating campaign content through writing, editing, and producing original content that directly conveys client messages to target audiences through social media, email, podcasts, ads, newsletters and more.

Digital marketing works in conjunction with inbound marketing by providing a structure and purpose for all marketing efforts to make sure all are working towards a unified goal. Kaci offers digital marketing services, including:

- Video Editing/Filmmaking
- Social Media
- Inbound Marketing
- Digital Marketing Strategy

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Integrated Relational Fundraising ™


Integrated relational fundraising means never missing an opportunity to focus on relationships to connect personally with key donors and prospects. Our free downloadable e-book teaches you to optimize personalized digital engagement to create efficiencies while increasing personal engagement.


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Our work

Whether it’s leadership team coaching, storytelling, events, digital marketing or social media, Kaci has your strategy needs covered.

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Developing a Clean Fundraised Oriented Website 

Expanding Mission Possible's digital reach and brand awareness.
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Engaging Community and Major Donors

How we fundraised $500,000 in one year.
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Impacting Thousands in Need

Giving a boost to a well known organization

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Developing a Clean Fundraised Oriented Website 

Expanding HFM digital reach and brand awareness.

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The team

Kaci is a professional team of growth and revenue specialists.

We join your team focussing on organizational strategy and generating revenue for nonprofits, social enterprises, and impact businesses.


Markku Kostamo

CEO & Lead Strategist

Bringing over 25 Years of experience to help grow your organization and increase revenue.


Nadia VanderKuip

Chief Growth Officer

Passionately supporting you to implement change and organizational growth while developing your leaders.


Charisse Pagarigan

Chief Innovation Officer

Enthusiastic about increasing your impact by harnessing the power of technology and digital strategies.

Meet Our Team

Working with you

We join your team focussing on fundraising strategy and generating revenue for your inspirational movement. We pay attention. We think outside the box, helping you build your organization with confidence.

Our approach to collaboration with you is to come alongside as your strategic growth coach and become part of your fundraising team, allowing you to focus on stewarding your key relationships and operational initiatives.



We value deep connections and believe authentic relationships make the best quality marketing and fundraising initiatives happen.


We bring creativity and innovation to our strategy and execution, enabling organizations to do more with less.

Added Value

Every dollar a client spends with us is multiplied several times in new revenue.


We are passionate about scaling organizations to make a bigger impact in the world.


We love to bring laughter and joy to our work.

Core Values

Kaci studies, growth stories, events

Learn more about what's going on at Kaci.

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