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kaci - (k•ay•s•ee)

Origin: Gaelic. Meaning: “alert, watchful.”



Kaci is a professional team of growth and revenue specialists. We provide growth and revenue opportunities for organizations that want to make the world a better place. From creating strong foundational organizational fundraising strategies to implementing bold action plans, we’re here to get you growing! And we do good work!

Working with you

We join your team focussing on fundraising strategy and generating revenue for your inspirational movement. We pay attention. We think outside the box, helping you build your organization with confidence.

Our vision is to create growth opportunities, inspire people and charity, and connect communities and resources.

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Our approach to collaboration with you is to come alongside as your strategic growth coach and become part of your fundraising team, allowing you to focus on stewarding your key relationships and operational initiatives.


Helping world changers change the world.


Organizations we've partnered with:

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Integrated Relational Fundraising ™


Integrated relational fundraising means never missing an opportunity to focus on relationships to connect personally with key donors and prospects. Our free downloadable e-book teaches you to optimize personalized digital engagement to create efficiencies while increasing personal engagement.


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The Kaci Team

Kaci is a professional team of growth and revenue specialists.

We join your team focusing on organizational strategy and generating revenue for nonprofits, social enterprises, and impact businesses.


Meet Our Team

Markku Kostamo

CEO & Lead Strategist

Bringing over 25 Years of experience to help grow your organization and increase revenue.


Nadia VanderKuip

Chief Growth Officer

Passionately supporting you to implement change and organizational growth while developing your leaders.


Charisse Pagarigan

Chief Innovation Officer

Enthusiastic about increasing your impact by harnessing the power of technology and digital strategies.



We value deep connections and are convinced that the best quality marketing and fundraising happen through authentic relationships.


We bring creativity and innovation to our strategy and execution, enabling organizations to do more with less.


Every dollar a client spends with us is multiplied several times in new revenue.


We are passionate about scaling organizations to make a bigger impact in the world.


We love to bring laughter and joy to our work.

Core Values


Kaci Studies, Growth Stories, Events

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