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Underrated donkeys, Hawaiian shirts, alpaca’s, and dancing- an interview with Kaci’s digital marketing coordinator, Bernardo.

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Bernardo, our Portuguese online marketing resource management and tech guy, doesn't have pets yet, but he's eyeing up a donkey. "They are underrated, and I really hope they do well with alpacas," he said. 




A bucket list item for Bernardo is to one day start an off-grid citadel with his wife and five children full of donkeys and alpacas in Madeira Island. 


Ok then. I guess he really does love donkeys. Hee Haw!


When not working, Bernardo enjoys walking in nature, sunbathing, reading books, traveling, and going on dates with his wife. He also loves to surf and dance, with his favorite musical styles being Bossa Nova, House, and Fado. 


The best piece of advice he's ever been given is, "Mens sana in corpore sano" - a healthy mind in a healthy body. "If that's not a priority, then there's no point in having priorities." He said. 


In another life, he is pretty sure he was an explorer because "being the first human to experience something sounds like the most blissful thing ever." he explained. That is probably why his favorite quote from his favorite movie is "I will take the Ring, though I do not know the way. - Frodo from Lord of the Rings, and his favorite quote, in general, is "Veni Vini Vici"- I came, I saw, I conquered.


While living in Dubai, Bernardo started working for a strategic design and architecture company. Beginning as an office assistant, he later became a studio manager with a firm understanding of what happens behind the scenes of a creative team of passionate designers. Today, he is eager to develop solutions through strategic marketing and online resources for greater efficiency and greater quality. The values that drive Bernardo are strength, calmness, and beauty, and he strives to bring those values into his work here at Kaci.  


Bernardo's main areas of focus are marketing, tech support, and resource management, with specialties in creating websites and e-commerce. His favorite part of working for Kaci is the team members he gets to work with, especially the growth story writer, and the most inspiring part of his job is a deep sense of purpose.  


If Bernardo won the lottery tomorrow, he would start an academy for teenagers as an alternative to the conventional education system. I imagine he'd be the Hawaiian shirt-wearing, messily-waved hair styled, donkey riding professor teaching Latin, philosophy, ethics, and cartography. 


"Veni Vini Vici!"

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