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The Power of Visual Storytelling

The Power of Visual Storytelling

At Kaci, we believe in the power of storytelling to assist charities and nonprofits in their mission to change the world. Whatever their unique service, stories can help share their impact, broaden awareness and encourage action.

Why Visual Storytelling?

"Humans are incredibly visual and powerful, moving images help us find meaning… [and] video helps capture and contextualize the world around us." Dan Patterson

While the written word is adequate and appropriate for telling specific stories, there is often a more profound, more empathetic, and therefore more impactful version of visual storytelling that can tell through film.
Film assists viewers in establishing an emotional relationship with the core issues your organization believes in. It helps put a face and a name to your cause while bringing your unique mission to life. Film establishes empathy and connection between organizations and the individuals who support them, thereby creating a catalyst for change.

With visual storytelling, the ultimate goal is to establish empathy, as empathy is the emotion that inspires people to act.

You do want people to act, don't you?

Kaci Study:

Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation- Surgical/Medical Mission in Liberia.

In November 2021, Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation, returned to Liberia for a two-week-long surgical mission where they performed dozens of life-saving surgeries. They wanted to tell their story through film.

The challenge was that the film needed to be created within a very tight deadline as it was to premiere a few weeks later during their year-end Christmas Gala. No biggy.

While they were on the ground in Africa, they took some simple video footage of their direct interactions with patients and uploaded them to a shared drive for us to create a video here at Kaci.

The timing was essential, but if you know how fast things happen in Africa, you may understand that we were immediately faced with difficulties surrounding upload speeds and interruptions to our communications. We were on our own.

We began by watching every individual video clip uploaded and pulling out moments that resonated with us, tugged at our hearts, and made our eyes wide and sometimes clouded with tears. And it was fascinating!

There we were, watching neurosurgery being performed in Liberia, sometimes only hours after the procedure had taken place. And there we were, privy to seeing patients pre and post-op, thankful to be given the opportunity to receive free, life-altering surgery. THAT is impactful.

Between scouring information on Korle-Bu's social media posts around the mission and minimal communication with the staff on the ground, we were able to put together a storyboard, create copy for the voiceovers, and arrange the meaningful clips into an order that told the story of transformation and impact. We cried watching real human beings standing for the first time or walking pain-free- all thankful to Korle-Bu for the opportunity- a new take on life.

The Finished Product:

You didn't think we would leave without sharing the finished product with you, did you?

Korle-Bu Liberia Video: HERE

Persuasion and Awareness:

Visual storytelling allows you to leverage your organization's story, values, and mission with strong visuals that stir empathy and emotion with potential donors and those that will be helping to spread your message of good.

Films and videos are essential for organizations to visually show their impact, tell their unique stories, and inform people about their mission.

Persuasion and awareness equal bringing your mission to life.

"I just wanted to thank you and your team for all the work you did last night!! It was such a lovely evening - it definitely exceeded my expectations. I also LOVED how the Liberia film turned out. I really valued having the names of the people on the video and the story slides along with it. I know what the raw footage looked like, and it was amazing with what you came up with. Thank you for all your work!"- Kristina Faulkner - Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation.

We believe in the power of stories to change the world. 

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The Power of Visual Storytelling

The Power of Visual Storytelling

At Kaci, we believe in the power of storytelling to assist charities and nonprofits in their mission to change the world. Whatever their unique...

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